Seniors & Disability

Assisting seniors and persons affected by a disability.

Seniors & Disability

Our programs benefit seniors and those affected by stroke, dementia, autism, acquired brain injury, MS, Parkinson’s disease and intellectual disabilities.

Improve cognition, balance, coordination, memory, reading, focus, motivation, concentration and healthy daily living.

The movements stimulate clear and focused thinking. They are quick, easy and adaptable for individuals of all abilities, from active seniors through to the very elderly and wheelchair bound.

Brain Gym, together with positive mindset techniques, develops self-worth and self-belief.

Senior and Disability Care

Classes specifically developed for seniors and those affected by disability.

Perfect for developing focus, coordination, healthy wellbeing and motivation.

Tailored programs can include:

  • Private consultations
  • Group Brain Gym with balance movement classes
  • Wheelchair classes
  • Free first group session for all seniors

  • Free information session at your place of residential care

Case Study

Discover the success stories of participants in the Brain Gym program.

Based on true events. Persons name changed to protect privacy.

Gladys is 80 years old and lives in residential aged care. She suffers from dementia and balance concerns.

The centre where she lives runs a number of activity programs each week. One of these programs is called, ‘Quiz’. It is a game where the residents are asked questions and they can guess what the answer is. This activity aims to support and engage memory function in the residents.

Prior to Brain Gym, Gladys didn’t attempt to answer any of the questions. However, after participating in the Brain Gym program she was able to answer all the questions, week after week.

“I don’t know how I knew the answers, they just came… and I won the chocolate!” – Gladys

Gladys stimulated whole brain function and memory during her Brain Gym session and showed a significant cognitive improvement for days after.

“Katharine provides small weekly group sessions at Park Lane. She has great rapport with the group and ensures her sessions are upbeat, fun, engaging, and tailored for varying abilities. Participants report feeling more “switched on” and mentally alert for the rest of the day.”

– Cameron Willoughby, Director of Park Lane Aged Care

Discover the benefits of our Seniors & Disability programs for your group.

“Fred is 92 years old and has had dementia for many years. He loves music, and after a brain gym class, he recited the words to all his old songs. We played Moon Rover, he sang every word with full enthusiasm passion and tone. We were all in tears as we marvelled at his ability to sing this beautiful song. Most days he doesn’t remember me, but with the songs, he can remember all the words. It was an absolute pleasure and delight to be a part of this precious moment.
Fred loves using the Marble tracking board each class.” Katharine King

“ I love doing these movements, I feel clearer in my thinking after a session” – Wendy, Age 90 Stroke resident

“I can read my book for longer periods of time after doing Brain Gym and I feel so much better in my body” – Bev, Age 56 MS

“I now answer questions in the quiz activities. I normally didn’t speak and now I just know the answers!” – Sally , Age 75 Dementia

“Today I learnt to have fun and laugh” – Carol, Age 84 Dementia resident

“Singing along with Katharine is fun, I like it” – Jack, Age 93 Dementia resident

Tracking boards shown are available from Katharine – Click here