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Qualified Brain Gym Instructor & Trainer

What is Brain Training, Brain Gym® and Neuroplasticity

The brain is designed to be trained regardless of age.

The brain is a consistency similar to tofu, it is 80% fluid and is made up of 80 – 100 billion neurological connections called neurons. All these neurons are wired throughout the brain to help us function in life. Neurological wiring comes about through our life experiences to date, Ie: the language we learnt as a child, our early developmental patterns such as crawling, walking, our education, culture, life events…… the list is never ending. These learned behaviours make up who we are today, and how we think and live in the world. Every human being is unique, and yet we are all the same, with brains and bodies.

Medical research – proves that we can change the brain at any point in your life.

Over the last 15 – 20 years brain imaging technology, has shown the plasticity of the brain, and that we can change the brain at any given point in our lives, even after a brain injury. This is called neuroplasticity or brain plasticity it is the ability for the brain to re-wire itself. This is very exciting, because we can change our brains to work even more effectively for us at any given point in time in our lives. 

Brain training for disability

How to retrain your brain.

Rewiring your brain sounds complicated, however it is in fact super easy. Some ways to rewire your brain are by: 

  • Learning a new activity, Ie- Language, musical instrument, painting, singing, study etc
  • Exercises, such as Brain Gym® which deliberately targeted different areas of the brain and support cognitive function and physical abilities.
  • Movement as in Walking, dancing, swimming etc
  • Changing your thinking patterns
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Learning a new activity, Ie- Language, musical instrument, painting, singing, study etc
  • New experiences such as Travel.
  • Brain training apps.

What is Brain Gym® ?

Brain Gym® is a therapy program comprising of 26 gentle movements used in combination to either calm or stimulate the brain, to support maximum brain function for lifelong learning, coordination, and support cognitive function. Brain Gym® is unlike other exercise programs, in that the movements deliberately target different regions of the brain to support an individual’s goals in life. Ie- improve cognitive function, balance, memory, reading, writing, improving sporting outcomes or emotional wellbeing. Developed by Dr Paul Dennison, Brain Gym© incorporates a blend of Chiropractic’s, Movement Physiology, Educational Kinesiology and Behavioural Optometry.

Brain Gym© is both a self-development and self-awareness program that stimulates clear and focused thinking. The movements are quick, easy, and adaptable for all individuals of all abilities, from business executives, babies, and children, through to the very elderly, who have had a stroke, ABI, are non-verbal, dementia, MS and wheelchair bound. Brain Gym® together with positive mindset skills help develop a belief of self-worth and ability. The movements are easily blended to support work, daily living, formal learning, reading, writing, physical co-ordination, organised thinking and feeling.

What does Katharine offer?

Katharine delivers Brain Gym© in online training, group workshops or on a one-to-one basis. Its session is informative, hands-on and incorporates music and props, which offers a fun, rich sensory experience and produces noticeable neurological benefits.

Written by Katharine King Brain Gym Instructor & Trainer

About Katharine King

Katharine King is a qualified Brain Gym Instructor and Trainer who draws together over 17 years of experience working in specialised music and movement-based techniques to help people of various ages and abilities to stimulate their cognitive function and improve everyday living, learning and rehabilitation.

She has worked extensively in the disability sector, helping individuals who have autism, learning difficulties, stroke, dementia, acquired brain injury, MS and Parkinson’s disease.

Katharine’s training includes:

  • Brain Gym Instructor & Trainer

  • Educational Kinesiology

  • Disability Services

  • Move to Learn Consultant

  • Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching

  • The Listening Program provider (which addresses auditory processing issues)

Katharine blends her modalities to suit the needs of the individual she is working with. Her compassionate nature and positive mindset makes Katharine the perfect person to work with delicate individuals and those needing engagement.

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