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Take a look at what people are saying about Katharine and her work.

For me, the exercises are motivational. I enjoy the weekly motivation to wake up my brain. My coordination feels better after Brain Gym.


Aged Care Resident

Our mother enjoys Brain Gym immensely and the staff have noticed a real improvement in her cognitive function following a class.

Willis Family

It is my pleasure to write a reference for Katharine King, in her capacity as a Brain Gym tuition leader. She came to our school and took a number of sessions with a group of (up to six) teachers. We found her entertaining and empathetic. She was able to deliver a range of content and illustrate with practical examples.

We would thoroughly recommend her, based on our experience. Katharine also is taking a number of children in Brain Gym sessions from our school and has proven to be a great support for them. 

Ross Melles

Principal, Heritage College

Katharine King is an enthusiastic and compassionate presenter, the sessions that my colleagues and I had with her were very enjoyable. She showed us a range of body movements and exercises to help us integrate our bodies and brains. Bringing these ideas into the classroom has been fantastic!

My students love all of the moves and dances/songs. We have used Brain Gym to help us get our brains switched on at the beginning of the day and help us keep our focus in the middle of the day. It has also been a fantastic way to introduce mindfulness to my students, helping them to understand what calm feels like and how to get into that state. All in all a fantastic movement program!

Kristina Vanan

Prep/1 Teacher, Heritage College

“ I love doing these movements, I feel clearer in my thinking after a session” – Wendy, Age 90 Stroke resident

“I can read my book for longer periods of time after doing Brain Gym and I feel so much better in my body” – Bev, Age 56 MS

“I now answer questions in the quiz activities. I normally didn’t speak and now I just know the answers!” – Sally , Age 75 Dementia

“Today I learnt to have fun and laugh” – Carol , Age 84 Dementia resident

“Singing along with Katharine is fun, I like it” – Jack, Age 93 Dementia resident

Aged Care Residents

I have completed a profiling session with Katherine King of “Katherine King Consulting”
I found through a simple exercise, that I learn many things about myself, and how I can use the findings to improve my ability to communicate with others in the future.
I can use this whether I am with familiar friends, peers, and prospective customers or colleagues in the future.
Katharine would be a wonderful asset for Business’s looking to create an edge in communicating with potential and existing customers.
I would not hesitate in recommending Katharine for any business looking to improve their communication skills.

Graeme Hicks

National Manager, Battery Power Centre Pty Ltd

Thank you Katharine for your time, and your wisdom. I really value your professional advice. It certainly has helped me with my business. Please find below a testimonial to you and your business.

Running a small business can be tough, we all self talk or put up roadblocks that can inhibit our business. It’s very common to put up roadblocks/excuses that can stop our business (or indeed ourselves) from reaching full potential. I knew within myself that there were aspects to my thinking, which resulted in behaviours that were holding my business back.

I had a coaching session with Katharine, from Katharine King Consulting, to discuss these issues in my business. Katharine was amazing. She led me through my current thinking, and how to rethink the issues and blockers within my business. Through my session with Katharine, we worked together to put strategies in place to overcome what was stopping me from further growing my business to the next level – the very actions I needed to do to make my business more successful and grow. These strategies I could put into place immediately. When I did this, I saw an immediate financial benefit to my business.

Katharine is an expert in her field, and completely professional. I would highly recommend any business owner or manager spend time with Katharine King, it will no doubt give you improved clarity with your business decisions, remove inhibiting roadblocks and ultimately improve the bottom line in your business.

Lorna Dent

Owner, Computer Troubleshooters - Croydon

I liked learning about the different types of personalities and how they compliment each other.

Bec Coreless

Jims Conveyancing Franchisor

Katharine has great energy, very clear and explained things well. I think it is always good to see where you are mentally. I found this useful, especially when I am wanting to move up in the workplace.


Jims Conveyancing

Katharine’s clear, concise explanation of goal setting strategies. Very thought provoking Thank you.


Healesville Country Club Workshop Participant

I have been seeing Katharine since October 2016,
Her coaching sessions have been most helpful and motivating.
Katharine makes you feel comfortable and at ease the whole time she is working with you in a one on one session. I never thought about life coaching before I am pleased with the results life coaching has made a significant difference in all areas of my life .
I would definitely encourage anyone to give coaching a go you never know how your life will change for the better!

Wendy Lagerwey

I had been told about Katharine’s coaching program through a friend. At the time I was struggling with many life challenges. I had been interested in coaching in the past and thought it might be a good opportunity to give it a go. When Katherine initially contacted me, I did express concerns that I had been feeling vulnerable about my life circumstances and I was apprehensive whether the coaching was safe? My greatest fear was putting myself in a ‘training’ situation that would steer me more off track. Katharine assured me that we could have one session to see how I felt and then I would make a choice as to which way I wanted to go. I agreed and we set up the first appointment.

The first session was set and I arrived at Katharine’s home. She warmly welcomed me into her studio space. Beside my chair she had prepared a glass of water with lemon and a book for note taking. Without delay Katharine began the session by describing the process thoroughly. Katharine explained to me that I was in control and there was no right or wrong.

The first sitting was very interesting. Katharine was able to quickly identify the things that were stopping me from moving forward. Without going into my story, Katharine asked me questions, which helped me to open my thingking. Towards the end of the session, I was invited to do a guided meditation. I didn’t feel it was right for me, so I declined the offer. Without hesitation Katharine concluded the session with a different approach. I was pleased I could be open and honest in the session, I knew then that Katharine was willing to support my process, even if it meant changing things up. I remember leaving the first session feeling more hopeful about the future.

The sessions following, Katharine asked questions which invited me to ‘play’ with the idea of my future. ‘What would the future look like?’ ‘Who would be there?’ The different visualisations helped to really picture these events as if they could become reality. They didn’t just feel like ‘a-far-away-dream’ for some reason, there was a shift and suddenly my goals felt possible.

After four sessions I started seeing results in my actions. This was a huge shift for me. Prior to seeing Katharine I was very down, I was stay at home a lot on my own and felt confused about my future and taking the next step felt impossible. Katharine helped me to make a list of things to get done before the next session. This is when I noticed significant shift. I felt more in the flow and was persevering with tasks even if I didn’t feel 100%. I found myself connecting with friends, applying for new jobs and generally feeling more confident.

Katharine’s gentle and understanding nature enabled me to be open about my situation. Katharine had an intrinsic ability to move with me in the session and guide me gently out of the fog into clarity and hope, in a safe and caring environment. Katharine’s office was beautiful presented and I immediately felt at home. I would highly recommend Katharine to anyone looking for assistance with change, to gain clarity and the strength and confidence to move forward in their lives.



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