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Personal Development Programs – 3 to choose from


Personal Development Programs – 3 to choose from

All PD are informative, fun, practical and hands on.
Each PD is tailored to the your needs of your school. Certificate of attendance available.

1. School Readiness PD– Preschool

Includes Brain Gym movements, developmental movement patterns including infant reflexes and strategies on inhibiting retained infant reflexes.

2. Supporting Student Learning PD – Foundation to Year 12

Covering Brain Gym movements, developmental movement patterns and retained infant reflexes, including their potential impact on later learning. i.e. the ability to read, write and comprehend. Learn how to implement 5 minute brain breaks throughout the day and practical ways to set the class up for their learning session.

3. Staffing & Business Teams PD– Supporting a healthier work day for personal & team moral, focusing on communication skills

This personal development establishes effective communication styles within a staffing team. They come away with an understanding of their own unique communication style and the communication styles of those around them. This knowledge together with targeted Brain Gym movements will help support all staff in their teaching day. These skills are particularly useful when under pressure situations, e.g. report writing or communicating with difficult people and delicate situations.

Also available

  • Private Consultations
  • Incursions for student groups
  • Personal Training in the Brain Gym movements, program including
    • Introduction to Brain Gym – 4 Keys to Switch on Your Brain $87 pp 4 hr
    • Courses training in Brain Gym #104 & #101, (Internationally recognised)

Supports Learning, Reduce Stress, Builds confidence and Performance



ACTIVATE 8 Marble Tracking boards $80

Used for Right/Left brain cross patterning, includes Marbles and Instructions.

The Activate 8 tracking board is designed for bi-lateral brain integration. Using these boards will activate both the right & left hemispheres of the brain. It helps with focus, concentration, relaxation & crossing what is known as the laterality midline.

These tracking boards are specially designed by K King Consulting for people of all abilities.

Activate 8 Tracking board carry bag – 100% Raw cotton $7 each.

# Postage in Australia extra

Handheld Bean Bags $5 each