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Figure 8 Marble Tracking Boards

$120 each plus $25 postage*

*postage within Australia only.


What the Figure 8 Marble Tracking Boards used for?

The Figure 8 Marble Tracking Boards is designed for bi-lateral brain integration. It will activate both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

It helps with focus, concentration, relaxation and crossing the midline between right and left.

The tracking 8 movement forces both eyes to work together to help with reading, peripheral vision and sensory integration.

After working with many people who have a huge range of ‘disabilities’ (or neurodiverse ‘abilities’, as I prefer to say!) I have designed this Figure 8 Marble Tracking Boards to suit the needs of varied abilities, the features are-

  • Suitable for all ages 5 – 95
  • Light weight and durable
  • Easy to clean (Covid friendly)
  • Finger holes at the end of the board for easier use, perfect for individuals with ABI, Dementia, or the loss of use in one hand / arm
  • Sits easily across the arms of a wheelchair
  • Easy hanging storage
  • Can be claimed under NDIS plans

Each board comes with 10 coloured marbles and instructions for use (which you can copy or template for your own boards)

I am also offering to all Brain Gym instructors, trainees, parents, teachers or carers, who purchase a board a free 15-minute zoom session on how I use the board as an assessment tool, support sensory integration and use with individuals with complex needs.

$120 plus postage in Australia $25 = $145 each

Get your Figure 8 Marble Tracking Boards today!