About Katharine

About Katharine King

Brain Gym Katharine King is a qualified Human Behavioural Coach, Accredited Personality and Behavioural Profiler and Brain Gym Consultant. Katharine believes business success comes from great communication skills together with Emotional & Social Intelligence, knowing and understanding oneself and the understanding of others. (How we get along with other people)

In her mid-20’s Katharine was the sales manager of two suburban newspaper offices, taking care of the individual needs of 14 team members. Reflecting on this role, Katharine commented: “Back then I needed the ‘me now’ to have an even deeper understanding of the communication styles of human behaviour”.

In 1999, Katharine was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This was a defining time in her life and set her on a pathway of learning about brain function and the plasticity of the brain. She trained in Brain Gym, Kinesiology and became a classical music therapist. For 8 years Katharine worked part-time in her business helping to empower students, teachers, and parents through workshops, training, mentoring and one to one coaching.

Katharine subscribes to the concept of lifelong learning, and over the last 2 years has formally trained in coaching and profiling. She has now extended her skills to work with business teams, specifically profiling business teams to bring about self-awareness, communication styles and a greater understanding of others in their team. The nett results are to effectively bring together a culture of tolerance, understanding, and purpose to the businesses she works with, ultimately leading to increased productivity and happier workplaces.

Katharine’s life experiences together with her continued training have given her a great understanding of why “People to do what they do” and how to read cues and clues in others. It is Katharine’s passion and purpose to use her skills to empower others, both individually and as part of a business team.

Katharine is NDIS Registered.