About Katharine

About Katharine King

  • A qualified Brain Gym Instructor, Educational Kinesiology, Listening Program provider (Classical Music for Auditory Processing issues), Positive Mindset Coach and Human Behavioural profiler.
  • She blends all her modalities into an easy to apply and understand program for educators, parents, students and business teams.
  • Katharine has worked for over 12 years with educational teams and students. The students had a variety of needs, from non-verbal low functioning ASD, students with physical, academic and behavioural concerns through to top performing VCE students who wish to maximise their potential.
  • Katharine also works with corporate business teams and aged care residents with dementia, stroke and MS.
  • Facilitates workshops on Brain Gym with a positive mindset and its easy application in the classroom or workplace.

Katharine is a NDIS Provider.