6 week & 12 week Mindset Programs are available

  • Effective personal communication/ reading communication styles in others
  • Effective team & customer communication
  • Listening skills
  • Universal Core Drivers and fears
  • Your business – Setting & goal setting the vision (franchises)
  • Standards / Beliefs / Values
  • Leaders & Managers
  • Success thinking and mindset

Workshop Feedback

National Conference – Jim’s Conveyancing Franchisee

Good revision for myself, especially working within a corporate team and understanding others communication styles. Really enjoyed your workshop Katharine – Fiona

I liked that we may be able to fill positions by profiling. I will use this moving forward with employing staff and with my kids! – Mandi

Katharine’s relaxed approach easy to understand, I liked the activities. I’m considering using DISC my team of staff. – Teresa

I have not heard about the “DISC” system before. I found the workshop interesting and enlightening. – John

RACV Country Club – Goal Setting & Mindset Workshop

It’s great to refresh my knowledge of goal setting and take into further in detail. Also connecting to my big WHY was important. I would love to know more Katharine, Many thanks. – Jacqui

I loved Katharine’s positive attitude, though the RESET button was great Good workshop Katharine, would have liked more time. – Ashleigh

I found the worksheets and interaction great I will keep pressing the “reset” and connect to my big WHY. – Charlott

I really enjoyed the formula and motivation around my goals. I would like to know more about brain gym and the plasticity of the brain. – Yvonne

Clarity around what is really important for me and putting structure around them. – Rose

I liked learning about the useful framework for working out why something is so important. – John

Friendly & inclusive presentation / easy to understand, loved the visualisation/ some really good strategies / Katharine’s easy happy manner/ The 6 step plan was useful.

Personality and Career Choices Workshop

The students really enjoyed the interactive activities, and learning about the different personality types (the strong person, the fun person, the kind person, the detailed person), and how these can influence and aid future career choices. Edwina Ricci Melba College Croydon (year 10 co-ordinator)