Work Place & Team Building

Improve Productivity and Effective Team Communication

Work Place & Team Building

Improve Productivity and Effective Team Communication

Staff Training

Train as a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator in this newly released Brain Gym 104 program. This course is internationally recognised and suitable for Diversional Therapists, Well-Being teams, Management, Educators and Carers – Enhance your skills/ enhance your team. Katharine is NDIS Registered


Staff Wellbeing/Team Building workshops include:

4 Keys to Switch on Your Brain
The team will learn the 5 minute ‘Brain Break’
Improve their Communication (verbal and written) skills, Clarity of thought and will help them in their Working environment
Workshops tailored to the needs of your workplace,  2 – 6 hours Duration


Human Behavioural Profiling – Why We Do What We Do Extended DISC

Individuals will participate in an online questionnaire to learn more about themselves and others. Understand your own natural style of behaviour. What motivates and drives an individual and which jobs suit their natural style best.


Team Profiling 

Highlighting the strengths and stretches of the team.

Extended DISC assessment profile reports are easy to read and go into extensive depth.

Katharine uses mentoring, coaching and human behavioural insights during the private and confidential unpack.

Team Analysis Report

The 20 page team analysis report has an easy-to-use framework to clearly understand each team member

  • Individual strengths and stretches
  • Whole team strengths and stretches – performing together
  • Convergent styles/complimentary styles
  • Behavioural adaption in the workplace
  • Gaps in the team
  • Flexibility zones, developing people

This Report is ideal for:

  • Creating a new team
  • Existing teams
  • Identify gaps within the team
  • Team development
  • Design of team tasks
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Communication issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Recruitment into an existing team