Residential Care

Residential Care

Improves Balance, Cognitive Skills, Memory and Wellbeing

Suitable for all abilities, including individuals with Stroke, ABI, MS, Parkinson’s, Aged, Dementia

  • Private Consultation
  • Brain Gym with Balance Movement Classes 
  • Wheelchair Classes

Caring for the Carers

  • Staff well-being workshops (personal developments)

NDIS Registered

“Fred is 92 years old and has had dementia for many years. He loves music, and after a brain gym class, he recited the words to all his old songs. We I played Moon Rover, he sang every word with full enthusiasm passion and tone. We were all in tears as we marveled at his ability to sing this beautiful song. Most days he doesn’t remember me, but with the songs, he can remember all the words. It was an absolute pleasure and delight to be a part of this precious moment.
Fred loves using the Marble tracking board each class.” Katharine King